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Quick Guide to Get 100 Early Users for Your Startup from Quora

Anastasia MudrovaAnastasia Mudrova

Learn how to acquire 100 early users for your start-up in less than 2 weeks.

I’m sure Quora, as a marketing weapon, isn’t the Holy Grail for many of you anymore. In 2016, about 100 million monthly unique visitors visited Quora. Quora has over 400,000 topics. Some contain thousands of followers. Quora is an awesome marketing tool. Traffic is free. No doubt!

I’d like to tell you my story of using this marketing tool. Frankly speaking, I’m a rookie, but got good results already. I started my Quora experiments when I realized I needed to tell people about our new product and get new users. I chose to boost our product awareness and get direct customer acquisition by answering questions.

Quora gives a wonderful opportunity to speak as an expert of your industry. Here, you can monitor and analyse the concerns and demands of your target audience and get a stronger understanding about it. Your potential users have a bunch of questions, and you, the expert, have the answers.

I started writing words in my bio. I followed several topics relevant to our industry. And like a maniac, I answered questions every day. Some days later, I realized it was the right tactic for me. Quora marked me as the Most Viewed Writer on several topics. My tiny win! The number of my readers and followers increased exponentially. I was building my reputation as an expert.  You know the value of word-of-mouth is priceless.

Day by day, it became more difficult to answer questions, as these questions are quite the same. To give a general, abstract answer – it’s bullshit. It’s better to be specific, give examples, tell your story and your experience. I did my best. And after the answer to the question, I used my chance to tell about At the end of the post, I included a link to a page, a blog post, or YouTube video, where my viewers can read more information that might prove valuable to their search.

Later, I realised in my most viewed answers:

It was a gift when I got the first comment to my answer. Think for a minute! It was a cool way to have a dialog with my potential users. And we had it! Yes, some comments can be negative –  even more of a gift. Never leave comments without your answer. Discuss the disconnections with your reader. Use this trick – dialog with people who comment.

What’s more. Upvotes!!!! Yes, we all want to get upvotes of the answers. When someone upvotes my answer, I get the chance that it’ll be shown to the people who follow him. But not all upvotes are the same; it matters who they come from. Upvote from an influencer really matters. Anyway, say “thank you” for every upvoter.

Key points how you should act in Quora:

  1.      fill your bio;
  2.      follow topics suitable for your industry;
  3.      answer relevant questions;
  4.      make your answers qualified;
  5.     add pictures to increase the upvotes CTR%;
  6.      tell your story, experience;
  7.      add a link to your website if you promote your product/service.

Quora is an outstanding marketing channel that demands a lot of time. And to tell the truth, any leads generated from Quora are high-quality, and they convert compared with other social networks. Now, I can say it really works! I got my first 100 early users after 2 weeks in Quora. Now, the number is increasing every day.

Do things that don’t scale. A lot of would-be founders believe start-ups either take off or don’t. You build something, make it available, and if you’ve made a better mousetrap, people beat a path to your door as promised. Or they don’t, in which case the market must not exist. Start-ups take off because the founders make them take off. There may be a handful that just grew by themselves, but usually it takes a push to get them going.

Paul Graham, Y Combinator (from Do Things that Don’t Scale)

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